Rise of the Rune Lords

Skinsaw murders
What's goin' on...

Went on a quest to Sandpoint – population 1000

Well we came to this town where a cathedral had been burned to the ground for some reason.

Wanted the cleric to represent “Desna” at cathedral

Father Zantas – Festival begins – 1st day of autumn.

Tavern – “Rusty Dragon”

Sheriff Hemlock

Some creatures (goblins?) attacked the town and we fought them off. I remember Cole’s character picking up a water bucket and slamming the crap out of a lot of the creatures attacking us.

Met Aldern Foxglove – taught him how to fight a bit.

Ranger around every now and then – Shaelu Entasona

At the Goblin Squash, we have access to ponies or horses as we need.
There was a goblin a boys bedroom attacking him every night, we dispatched the goblin.

Then there was some girl that was murdered at a mill, the butchers daughter?

2 bodies at the mill

Badgers name written in blood

We were made deputies of the town.

At the Sandpoint lumber mill. 3 con men from Galduria were killed at an abandoned farm SE of town.

Group of assasins from Magnamar

Sihedron Rune – represents the 7 sins

Karzog – arch lord

Then we went down into a cave structure and found some guy that was killed by glass or something, turned to glass maybe?

Then I think we found one of the big baddies, he was drunk and we dispatched him fairly easily.

There was something about some woman that was becoming a demon or something?

We got a report that some scarecrows or something were attacking a farm outside of town.

SE of Sandpoint – Hambly Farm
At the barn/farmhouse, saw “Badger” written in blood.

We went to investigate and it was ghouls or something, they got the jump on us, paralyzing the cleric and then systematically killing all of us off one by one. Martin’s character, a rogue, instead of fighting til the last man and dying, he ran off when the time was right. They were killed by wights.

The rest of the party was dead.

New party was formed and Badger was the only remaining survivor.

Picked up members of the guard, Kiv Moondragon (cleric) and Hash and Smelt Ironbreaker (fighters / brothers).

Went to Sandpoint.

Went to Foxglove3 manor “Misgivings” estate.

Foxglove blames us for the death of the butchers daughter, left a nasty gram. Has been leaving notes “Badger” in blood, etc.

Couple of members contracted Vorels Phage. (later cured by Kiv)


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